As a developer I take a backup of all my CRM Customization everyday. This was my safe guard against any unintended crashing of CRM Development environment. However as count of my solutions was increasing I found it time consuming to manually selecting each unmanaged solution and them exporting it.

To avoid these repeating steps for each solution I created a small utility to export solution using CRM SDK.

Its very simple utility, opens with Windows Form.


  • “Load Solutions” button will load all Un-managed solutions for give CRM Organization.
  • Clicking “Export Selected Solution” will files to selected folder location.


File name used for saving .zip file is [Solution’s Unique Name]_[Version Number]_[Date Time in dd_MMM_YYYYT-HH_mm format].

For example: Default [v1_12_09_03] Having DateTime stamp ensure that each time separate copy is maintained.


Thanks Tanguy for making Connection Control available for me, it was great help.

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